How To Place An Order

Welcome to Bayan Mart!
To serve you with quality products, we have chosen several vendors who are experts in their respective industry.  That's the reason why we have multiple vendors serving you.  Each product category has its own vendor.  When ordering an item in a certain category, its vendor would be the one to fulfill your order. To ensure your convenience, please observe the following:
1. When you checkout an item, please do it per category.  Example, do not mix Grocery/Hardware/Fresh Meat and Department Store Items when you checkout.  If you are ordering items from Grocery/Hardware/Fresh Meat category, checkout Grocery/Hardware/Fresh Meat items first, then you checkout Department Store items next.  Please note that Grocery, Hardware, & Fresh Meat belong to one category only.
2. Delivery rates and free delivery transactions are per category basis.  Therefore, the Php 1,200 free delivery purchase amount is only applied to a single category. If you are ordering Health and Beauty Items and Accessories with a total amount of Php 1,200, you are not entitled to a free delivery. To avail of a free delivery for both, you have to purchase at least worth Php 1,200 for Health and Beauty and Php 500 for Accessories.  The two are different categories.
 3. Deliveries for Grocery/Hardware and Fresh Meat are only available in Butuan City. Branch pickup is available for these items.  Please check with "Our Local Vendors" located at the "Menu" for their address and you'll get a 2% discount on your purchases.